Mat & Antonia, Engagement

"Natalie is AMAZING!
My fiancé and I did our engagement photoshoot with Natalie last month and couldn’t be happier with the entire experience! Despite it being an extremely cold October day, my fiancé and I felt completely comfortable and at-ease with Natalie shooting our first photoshoot as a newly engaged couple with many more photoshoots to come. The photos turned out stunning and neither of us are very photogenic people. Natalie created an energy of familiarity and comfort in which we were able to be ourselves and we were captured as such. We are so lucky to have Natalie be a huge part of our first steps in our long lives together and cannot wait to have Natalie be our forever photographer!"

Matt & Marieke, Wedding

"Natalie was an absolute blast to spend our wedding day with. We spent our afternoon chasing around the city, with Natalie capturing us in places that held special moments and memories to us. She was an incredible coach, keeping us laughing, warm (with pocket warmers she thought to bring #genius), and comfortable- which isn’t easy on the coldest day in November when you’re being pushed out your comfort zone (I.e.: being photographed). She was so responsive and professional to all our inquiries. After a moment of meeting with her there was little to think about, she truly was the perfect photographer for our day."

Emily, Boudoir

To put it simply, Natalie made me feel like a total goddess during our boudoir shoot! Originally, I had wanted to do this shoot to have some sexy photos to give my husband as many new brides do. Though looking back on the shoot now, I can honestly say what I got out of it was so much more. Natalie has this uncanny ability to make you feel instantly comfortable by creating this fun, judgement free atmosphere. I can remember very clearly feeling a little unsure of myself and how to “begin” our shoot, and without skipping a beat Natalie turned to me and exclaimed “WINE?!” and proceeded to pour two glasses for us, and threw on some Queen Bee to help loosen me up! We had an instant connection when we met which I think added to the level of trust I had working with her; but as I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve come to understand this is just who Natalie is. It is that intangible “je ne c’est quoi” about her, which allows her to connect with people instantly and what makes working with her such a pleasure. Natalie was amazing at giving me direction when I needed it, but also allowing me the space to explore how I was feeling and how I wanted to express myself.