Hi, I'm Natalie

I'm a daydreamer, a story-teller, an adventurer. I'm self-taught and fall more in love with photography with each year that passes. I'm on a personal mission to tell stories. Be it a love story or a personal story, it's a story I want to tell using pictures. I'm fascinated by faces and the tales revealed in their features. If you give me the opportunity, I can show you just how telling a smile is, and what kind of truth lays behind the eyes.

My style

It’s not hard to get swept up in the planning of a wedding. I’ve been there – not as a bride, mind you – but as a maid of honour, bridesmaid, speech-giver, best friend, sister-in-law, shoulder to cry on. I’ve witnessed the stress, anxiety and worry in all it’s lace-covered glory and only wished that in those moments of unease, we had all been a little more present. Living in the moment reveals all of those authentic, raw and messy moments we yearn for in a world full of filtered realities. I encourage every couple to really consider what matters to them about their nuptials, spend more time with each other in the moment, and spend less time worrying about the little things.

When it comes to my photography style, it may not be methodical, but it is real. I’m all about trespassing, rule-breaking and fun-having. I dream of camping couples, canoe engagements and snow-covered weddings. Rain? No problem. There ain’t nothing an umbrella and an imagination can’t fix. These are the wild and beautiful things that keep my creative wheels spinning. Have a crazy idea? I’m game. If you want to end convention and re-write tradition, we should chat. Life’s too short to think about anything other than today.